I am passionate about helping people and groups improve.  My work focuses on uncovering the unknown causes behind less-than-effective systems; then I collaborate with the peeps to fix things.

Other things I am obsessed with: exercise (especially new, weird things, like spiraling), reading, coconut and all things made from it, and trying new experiences.

My interesting perspective was born from my unique set of experiences.  I was an actor and Pilates teacher, then returned to school for an MBA, and consult and fix things internal to my current firm.  I’ve also lived in Omaha, Boulder, Phoenix, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York.

I’m always reading something.  Normally I bounce between non-fiction topics like history and self-improvement, to fantasy novels and science fiction.  I also try to read in French and Italian to keep that up.

Thanks for visiting.  I’m always open to criticism.

Disclaimer: I also work as a Business Analyst for Avanade, Inc. The views expressed in this site are my own, and not necessarily those of my employer, Avanade Inc., nor any of its other employees. Thanks!